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Why Your Firm Should Hire Adamo & Associates

Our Pledge To You
Our firm will deliver on time and with the highest quality. We have done so since 1988.

It is our goal to be your sole structural engineering provider by building and maintaining a strong, value-based relationship with you.

We will work hard to establish a long-term relationship with you. We will look to resolve issues with a can-do and will-do attitude.

Hacienda Business Park, Pleasanton, CA

390 Lytton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA
We will not just be a sub-consultant, but rather act like an extension of your staff.

After our relationship with your firm is established, we will know what you want and will help guide your junior staff.

We will work hard to gain your trust and be responsive to your needs and project schedule.

Customer Service
We won't nickel and dime you when minor changes occur.

You won't have to deal with as many construction change orders.

We will make you look good to your client.

C.T. English School, Los Gatos, CA

Ventana Condominium Community, Cupertino, CA
We will strive to be creative in solving problems associated with your ideas rather than saying no or can't do.

We will listen to what you say and then follow through with the best of our ability.

We will give you direct principal involvement on each project.

Our task is to find out what is of prime importance on every project we do with you.

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